NOTA #3 [19/06/2018] (RJ I)


The katechon (from Greek?? ???????, “that which withholds”, or ? ???????, “the one who withholds”) is a biblical concept which has subsequently developed into a notion of politicalphilosophy.

The term is found in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 in an eschatological context: Christians must not behave as if the Day of the Lord would happen tomorrow, since the Son of Perdition (the Antichristof 1 and 2 John) must be revealed before. St. Paul then adds that the revelation of the Antichrist is conditional upon the removal of “something/someone that restrains him” and prevents him being fully manifested. Verse 6 uses the neuter gender, ?? ???????; and verse 7 the masculine, ? ???????.

Since St. Paul does not explicitly mention the katechon’s identity, the passage’s interpretation has been subject to dialogue and debate amongst Christian scholars…

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