NOTA #10 [25/04/2017] (RJ I)

A discussão sobre ciência e suas delimitações me lembrou de um trecho do “Theories of German Fascism” do Walter Benjamin, não como solução, mas para entender a dimensão da questão: “Without approaching the surface of the significance of the economic causes of war, one may say that the harshest, most disastrous aspects of imperialist war are in part the result of the gaping discrepancy between the gigantic power of technology and the minuscule moral illumination it affords. Indeed, according to its economic nature, bourgeois society cannot help but insulate everything technological as much as possible from the so-called spiritual, and it cannot help but resolutely exclude technology’s right of co-determination in the social order. Any future war will also be a slave revolt of technology.” (Não me incomodei em traduzir, perdão)

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